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toeandheelGOLD Champions League

Current Position

under 15 Dancer Total UKA Euro Eng Brit Comm Scot Worlds
1Brogan Martin4088888885688
2Cerys Jones36156568838108825
3Michelle Gordon3125688565656
4Olivia Waddell27056888838
5Amber Donaldson23888565638
6Jaden Lenny2315656563825
adults Dancer Total UKA Euro Eng Brit Comm Scot Worlds
1Ellis Hayes3088888563838
2Holly Donaldson264888888
3Candice Walker24888885616
4Finley Duncan2328838562525
5Kirstin Stewart182563888
6Isla Mitchelson17056168810

Euro : Europeans
Engl : All England
Brit : British
Comm : Commonwealth
Scot : Scottish National
World : World

Results are based on the national championships held in Scotland and England This league is for dancers resident in Scotland only
Overall awards will be presented to the top 3 dancers in the age categories :
12-15 years and 16 years and over which will be presented at the Granite City Championship in September