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2018 Championship Dates

$t_url2018 Championship dates now added to the calendar.

Also on the Comp Search app.

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Sunny in Dunoon

$t_urlNow the games are over the sun has come out!

Cowal Weather Tuesday

$t_urlWee bit rainy today

Cowal Weather Update

$t_urlOvercast but not cold

Cowal 2017 Judges

$t_urlVictoria Anderson (Tori) - USA
Kathleen Drummond - USA
Eileen Graham - Scotland
Marlyn Halliday - England
Lynne Lawrence - Scotland
Beverley Leahy (Drennan) - South Africa
Lena Anne MacDonald - Scotland
Ann Milne - Canada
Mary Munro - Canada
Mary Neill - Scotland
Christine Shield - Australia
Anne Stirton - Scotland

NEW Competition Search App

$t_urlRecent updates to iOS have forced me to replace the old Competition Search app with a new one.

The new app should be faster and more efficient but still giving all the same functionality.

get the app here

ScrutineerLite - now on the app store

$t_urlScrutineer the easy was with Scrutineer Lite.

Get started in just a few minutes with no complex setup.
- create competition sections
- add dances
- type in dancer numbers and marks
- tap to Scrutineer

Each dance can be marked for inclusion / exclusion in overall calculations and dance prizes can be set independently for each dance.

Overall results are printed or shares using Apple's standard iOS sharing system.

- SOBHD 2017 points system
- record up to 15 marks per dance
- record judge's name
- automatic calculation of overall results
- each dance can be flagged for inclusion / exclusion in overall results
- prizes set independently for each dance
- share results using Apple's iOS share to message, email, AirDrop or printer,

Note: Scrutineer Lite is currently limited to 15 dancers per dance and does not scrutineer Championships or Premierships - search for Highland Scrutine

HighlandResults by

$t_urlRecord results are they are announced and have the overall results available instantly, scrutineered using the SOBHD 2017 points system.
Competition sections are created then dance results added, updated or deleted with overall results scrutineered automatically on each save.

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