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Welcome to's technical update database

Brought to you by the tech team our aim is to bring you up to date information on technical releases.

We will list changes issues by the SOBHD covering the Highland Dances, Jig & Hornpipe and those issued by the UKA, SDTA & BATD covering the Flora, Lilt, Barracks Johnnie, Highland Laddie, Blue Bonnets, Village Maid, Scotch Measure & Earl of Error.

You can search for an update by source, dance or list all updates by issue date

Textbooks currently in use:
SOBHD        - Highland     version 7 (September 2008)
                     (From 1.1.09 only Version 7 technique will be acceptable - until then both V6 & V7 methods will be accepted)
                   - Jig             version 1 (January 2008)
                   - Hornpipe    version 1 (January 2008)

Nationals      - UKA          gold cover (new book in progress)
                   - SDTA         12th edition (2007)
                   - BATD         white with blue (2001)

This technical update data is provided for guidence only and represents interpretation of technical changes identified by the tech team and does not in any way hold itself to be an official source of technical information. Sources comprise reviews of new versus old textbooks, personal notes and handouts obtained from attendance at Association meetings.

the tech team