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Cowal Fling Challenge

Since successfully completing my forty step fling challenge in April I was approached by members of the Cowal Gathering Board with an invitation to try something at this year's event.

After some discussions, and a great deal of considerations, I agreed to attempt a fifty step fling. This will push my fitness, stamina and memory far beyond anything I have done before, including my 40 step Fling for Logan challenge. The aim of this new challenge is set to raise awareness of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) and the associated charity Action Duchenne.

Cowal Highland Gathering is one of the most significant events in the highland dancing calendar so it will make the perfect venue for the 50 step challenge.  The event attracts thousands of spectators every year so it will be a great opportunity to raise awareness of Action Duchenne and the Fling for Logan campaign.

The 50 Step Fling Challenge took place at 2pm, on Saturday August 29 in the Cowal Gathering ceilidh tent

Malcolm Barclay, event manager for Cowal Highland Gathering, said: “Gareth is a close friend of Cowal Highland Gathering and an incredibly talented individual. We wish Gareth all the best success in his incredible challenge that has never been seen at Cowal before.

With 700 highland dancers and thousands of supporting spectators, we are confident that Cowal Highland Gathering will make the perfect platform to stage this incredible marathon and raise awareness of such a worthy cause.”

As with the initial Fling for Logan challenge, this attempt was videoed and made available for all to watch on Youtube. Regular update on my progress have been posted on the fortystepfling blog

All those involved in Highland Dancing will appreciate just how huge a challenge this was be and ifyou wish to contribute then you can donate to Logan's fund from the sponsor page

Please email Gareth - garethmitchelson@yahoo.co.uk - if you have any questions or would like to receive further information on the Fling for Logan challenge.