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forty step fling

Highland Dancing has been a huge part in Gareth & the entire Mitchelson clans lives and Gareth has decided to appeal to the generosity and charity of the Highland Dancing community in his fund raising endeavours and has undertaken a Fling for Logan challenge.

This took the form of an old steps sponsored Highland Fling which Gareth performed on 2 April 2009.

However it was not just any old sponsored Fling of 6 or 8 steps  Gareth set himself the mind-blowing challenge of dancing a 40 step fling!

Gareth was keen that this is not just another sponsored dance where people sponsor / donate without being there to witness the event or getting real feedback and want the challenge to be as inclusive as possible and so the challenge was videoed and made available for all to watch on Youtube and you can also follow his progress on his blog.

The fling script can be downloaded here.

All those involved in Highland Dancing will appreciate just how huge a challenge this was and ifyou wish to contribute then you can donate toLogan's fund from the sponsor page.

We ask that news of this challenge is communicated and sponsor forms distributed as widely as possible to dance schools / studios / organisations throughout the Highland Dancing world.

All funds raised will be put into a care-fund for Logan to meet the costs associated with his future care and well-being.

Please email Gareth - garethmitchelson@yahoo.co.uk - if you have any questions or would like to receive further information on the  Fling for Logan challenge.