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We separate our fund-raising efforts into 2 distinct categories:

- those that are raising funds directly for Logan (all funds held for his future care)
- those aimed at Duchenne research

Projects that we have been involved with so far include: 

- Logan's Bear brand items, including the now famous Logan's Bear (an exclusive male teddy dressed in Highland outfit)
- Gareth's 'forty step fling' challenge
- Gareth's Cowal Fling Challenge - an incredible 50 step fling attempt to raise awareness for the Duchenne Condition
- Charity Bingo night
- Craft fair
- an annual Charity Highland Dancing Festival - the first competition, being held in 2010, raising awareness of, and funds for, Action Duchenne
- various marathons, half-marathons and other runs in the UK and overseas (run not by me but by friends)
- sales by us of the Caledonia Cookbook - we have sold more than 150 books raising funds for Action Duchenne
- many companies, having been made aware of the condition by friends in the dancing world, have now donated to Action Duchenne
- SOBHD Charity Concert, organised by Gemma Baillie and Rachel McLagan, raising funds for Action Duchenne and the MS Society Scotland. - and the list goes on, so far raising in excess of 15,000 directly for Action Duchenne

Many thanks to all those who have helped so far and to all of those who are continue to assist us.

Donna and gareth Mitchelson

remember - if you or your work colleagues or friends run marathons then consider running for Duchenne - email dean for details