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other fundraising events

Many old friends, and many more new ones, from within the Highland Dancing have been in touch offering their wishes and support and have come up with their own fund raising ventures.

We have been so overwhelmed by this that we felt compelled to try to list some of the event. They have included:

- Logans bear awards by the UKA at the UK Championships
- dancing displays & concerts - tea / coffee donations, raffles
- parents highland fling
- HBOS dress down day
- Sponsored dance events
- 40 minute reel challenge (Irish World Academy of Music & Dance) - where dancers, taking turns, performed a continuous set of reels lasting 40 minutes
- Alum class fee donations
- Logans bear raffles & guess the birthday events
- FUSTA - various Logans Bear Raffles, coloring in events and other dancer activities - details to follow
- Cowal Highland Gathering - Cowal Fling Challenge - for video footage from STV click here
- Logans bear raffles - various (including Gaelic Society of London, New Zealand Highland Dancing Championships, and many more)
- International Highland Dancing Championships of Australia - dancers flings
- ABHD (SA) - more flings
- Dublin Marathon run - 26 October - run by Alison Mathers (nee MacGregor - Highland Dancing World Champion in 1989 and now established Charity marathon runner) run in a personal best time - see the photo page for some photos
- Charity Highland Dancing Festival, Grangemouth - 13 March 2010
- Massed Highland Fling - Champion of Champions of Australia April 4, 2010 - click here for details
- Sponsored Sky Dive, Summer 2010
- Flinging on High (Ben Nevis) - July 2010 - click here for details

All funds raised are being put into a care-fund for Logan to meet the costs associated with his future care and well-being.

Please email Gareth garethmitchelson@yahoo.co.uk if I have missed your event or if you have an event that you would like to be listed here.