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Flinging on High

On July 17 this year Rachel McLean completed her sponsored Fling for Logan challenge.

Aiming high is nothing new for Rachel. A relatively late starter to Highland Dancing she rapidly progressed through the ranks to reach the peak in 2004 when she was crowned World Highland Dancing Champion.

However, this challenge will saw Rachel climb to new heights - she made her way to the top of Scotland's Highest Mountain - Ben Nevis - and performed her Highland Fling on the summit!

Accompanying Rachel were her mum, her boyfriend, several hikers who just happened to be there and also her mum's sister, Catriona (who you can hear in the background of the video).

Catriona told me afterwords

'Rachel was a wee star on Sat although my heart was in my mouth as the winds were quite bad ( 50 mile an hour reported!) and I was just waiting for her to blown off!! She was getting dangerously near the edge a couple of times, probably my shrieks didn't help!'

What an astonishing Fling!

Rachel, you are certainly still on top of the world

Many thanks Gareth
You can sponsor her on the sponsor page.

Please contact me - garethmitchelson@yahoo.co.uk - if you would like further details on this or any of the other challenges.